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Online teaching is tough and challenging — even more so when you are teaching a course that needs to be taught well and right.

All types of courses are redefined to be taught in an online platform and expected to be as effective as it is being taught in a classroom setting but finding the right platform to teach a complex course like programming is truly a challenge itself.

Programming courses require a lot of preparation and without proper preparation, teaching such a complex course will prove to be a difficult task. …

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Programming is intimidating and difficult—that’s what most people would say when asked about their first impression of programming.

While there is truth in that statement, it’s not entirely true. People think programming is a complex course that’s only meant for those who are intelligent enough. What they don’t realize is that no one really gets that good in programming after just a tutorial or two.

Framework, machine learning, artificial intelligence… these are just some of the programming terms that scare an individual away from learning how to code.

Familiar, right? You might know some students who, unfortunately, decided to drop their programming classes because they were afraid and thought they couldn’t handle the class.

You might not be…

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To successfully implement online learning during a pandemic, teachers have found innovative solutions to conduct classes and discussions through the help of technology and online platforms. But while technology has been the key to implement online learning, this also imposed several challenges to a particular demographic of teachers — older teachers.

Technology integration in the classroom has been progressing even before the pandemic. But with the sudden shift to online learning, technology has introduced other challenges to the older age group of the teaching force.

While most teachers have used technology and online platforms to their advantage, older teachers have…

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COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the most essential sector in the industry — education. This led to the closure of public and private educational institutions and left a struggle on a critical question of whether classes should resume or not in an online learning environment.

Vital and playing a critical role in the economy, education is not something that can be easily set aside and postponed. With less to no preparation at all, both teachers and students have taken the challenge to continue teaching and learning through numerous online platforms during a pandemic.

The pandemic has stressed the weaknesses and inadequacy…

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How is our teaching force doing today?

After over a year of teaching courses through various online learning platforms, the education sector has done the necessary means to successfully implement online learning. Teachers have just started to get used to setting up Zoom meetings for their class, live streaming discussions, and facilitating breakout rooms for class activities.

It’s impressive how educators have found new and innovative ways to teach during a pandemic — from using social media platforms to their advantage to using various learning tools to make discussions engaging and effective for their students.

But adjusting to the sudden shift in teaching admittedly took more time…

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The shift to online learning did not only bring challenges to the teaching force but to the student body as well. Students were compelled to adjust from traditional, face-to-face discussions to online classes and without any doubt, this brought substantial amount of stress — straining a student’s learning experience.

And there is more to stress than just feeling physically tired and mentally drained.

It can shake a student’s confidence and demotivate them from performing their best in class. Stress can affect a student’s ability to focus on a task, organize their thoughts and make sound decisions.

Some people would think…

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There’s no denying it. Social media has played a vital role during these unprecedented times — from providing news and information to keeping people connected in the safety of their homes.

Despite the bad and the ugly sides of social media, it has kept people connected in so many ways. When used in moderation and with purpose, it is a powerful tool that can be used in different areas including education.

“But social media is dangerous!”

That is true but believe it or not, there are educational possibilities in social media. Even before the pandemic, teachers often use social media…

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Even before the pandemic, recent studies have shown that the longer you are exposed to smart devices and screens, the higher your stress and burnout levels would be. With the current learning environment, students are more likely to feel less engaged in an online class in contrast to the face-to-face interaction they get in a classroom setup.

An unengaging learning environment? Now that could be a problem!

Engagement plays a significant role in a student’s learning process and their success in the class.

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For some, finding the right online teaching and learning tool is quite a task.

It’s true that there are numerous online platforms and resources that can be used however, no one size fits all when it comes to learning. What is easily available to you might be difficult to access for your students.

How do you know which tool works best for this type of course? Can everyone access this tool? Will this tool help boost the learning environment you are trying to establish?

That’s a lot of Qs, right? To establish a positive and learning-centered environment, there are a…

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Let’s be honest here. Interaction between the teacher and the students plays a significant role in building an effective learning experience — more so when it is built through face-to-face and within classroom interactions. Teachers then can easily grasp the condition and the environment the students are learning in. But with COVID-19 around, teachers are now given the challenge to deliver the same quality of face-to-face learning experience to their students through digital platforms.

Some would think it’s just the students who are having a hard time coping with their studies during this pandemic. …


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